What To Do When You Need Lexus Car Key Replacement?

Few things are more frustrating than realizing you’ve lost the keys to your Lexus. You’re now stuck outside your car. We all experience the panic of misplacing a car key and it can get worse if it is a renowned automotive brand like the Lexus without replacement keys or key replacement protection for such high-quality car locks. Losing the keys to your Lexus is frustrating. An expert from our  professional locksmith company explains what to do when you need a Lexus car key replacement.

Is replacing a Lexus car key easy?

Replacing a stuck or stolen or lost Lexus car key is a two-phase process and is not easy.

  • The first course of action is cutting a new blade accurately to fit in the ignition and the door locks. In this case, all the door locks must be changed. This is either for the laser remote-controlled key or the traditional vehicle key.
  • The second course of action is replacing a transponder chip that is inside the car key. The chip has to be paired to your car to interact normally.

If the replacement key is programmed wrongly, it will unlock all the doors and even turn inside the ignition, however, the Lexus Engine Control Unit (ECU) will not allow the car to start. Beware of recycled transponder chips, car keys, and even those that are bought from auction sites as they will not work on your Lexus. The car security is normally preserved by rendering inoperative the transponder chips of the missing key or in the case of auto theft.

The Lexus car is a sophisticated machine and breaking into it in case you forgot your car keys inside may cause further damage. Some of the things that you can end up damaging include vacuum bags, impact bags; power locks wires, plastic connectors for the locks among others. All these could compound the problem thus the high costs. This is the reason why you need emergency locksmith services to get duplicate car keys made for your Lexus.

Let us give you practical advice on what to do when you require replacement keys for your Lexus car.

The best thing to do in stolen or misplaced key situations is not to panic but keep calm as that indeed helps to decide the best course of action. It could be difficult to have a key fob replacement made fast, but you have two options to manage your car key problems.

Option 1: Lexus Car Dealerships
Getting a lost car key replaced by your Lexus dealership can be time-consuming and very expensive. Sometimes, you’ll have to have your Lexus vehicle towed to the dealership, and the markup on parts and labor can be astronomical! A normal transponder chip key can run north of $200.

Option 2: Auto Locksmiths
Instead of spending a big amount on your Lexus smart access key fobs, you should consider using local  automotive locksmith services. A trained locksmith should be able to help you out quickly and get you back on the road in a fraction of the time and cost that you’d spend at the Lexus dealership for your replacement key fob.

An auto locksmith can provide the same quality of work and vehicle keys as the Lexus dealership, but often at a much lower price. Even better, many auto locksmiths will come to a location of your choice, saving you time and money. If you ever need a Lexus smart key fob replacement, consider calling a reliable auto locksmith. Just be sure to let them know the make and model of your Lexus vehicle and tell what you need to be replaced so that they don’t arrive only to tell you they don’t have the proper equipment with them (or at all!).

Besides assisting you in getting your replacement car keys for your Lexus, the locksmith also create different kinds of modern car keys like creating new transponder keys or electronic keys for your Lexus or other vehicles. Because of the precision and coding requirements and the need for appropriate tools, these services cannot be provided by any automotive locksmith.

So which locksmith should you choose for your Lexus car key replacement?

Lexus key replacement cost tends to differ from one professional automotive locksmith to another.

It will be prudent to look for a locksmith who offers affordable car locksmith services for your Lexus car key troubles. However, do ensure that you are dealing with a reputable service provider else you could end up dealing with unscrupulous locksmiths or scammer locksmiths.

You can utilize the internet to compare different quotes offered by professional locksmiths in your area. You can also visit the locksmith website for information or look reviews from Google, Facebook, or Yelp.

Some professional locksmiths also offer mobile locksmith services and therefore regardless of your location are sure to help you wherever you are stranded. This saves you a great deal in towing charges that you are bound to be charged if your Lexus is towed to a dealership.

Such untrained or unlicensed locksmiths are bound to offer you poor services but bill you hefty charges.

Aurora Locksmith Key Masters is happy to offer on-site car key replacement services for your Lexus vehicle. All of our car locksmith professionals are trained to deliver fast and professional results. We can replace damaged keys or chipped keys for a wide variety of Lexus makes and models.

Aurora Locksmith Key Masters is one of the few locksmith companies with transponder chip key replacement capabilities for your Lexus vehicle! Just let us know what we’re dealing with when you call our customer care office at 720-677-0377 and we’ll be sure to arrive on-site in just half an hour with all the proper equipment to get the job done fast and get you on your way as quickly as possible. Contact Aurora Locksmith Key Masters for  car locksmiths in Aurora and surrounding areas. We can replace your Lexus car key!