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Aurora Locksmith is an independently owned business with decades of experience across Aurora and its suburbs. We are committed to delivering high-quality locksmith services to residents of  Aurora CO. Our team of expert locksmiths is trained and licensed to offer locksmith solutions.

We are the locksmith Aurora trusts. We provide mobile locksmith services and commercial locksmith services to the residents and clients of Aurora CO. Our team of Locksmiths is checked thoroughly for background and our employees are qualified and licensed as locksmiths as required by Colorado State Law.

We specialize in handling high-security locks, residential locks, key replacement services, deadbolt locks, security systems, automobile locksmith repairs, and cost-saving solutions for all types of locks and all kinds of doors. Our expert locksmith services and 24-hour emergency locksmith services are available to all the zip codes of Aurora CO. 

You may have seen our white Aurora Locksmith service trucks doing the rounds near your Aurora area. Our van is equipped with the latest locksmith tools, systems, technology, and licensed & skilled technicians who know how to handle them.  Do you need assistance in Aurora? Call our locksmith professionals at  (720) 677 0377

Aurora Locksmith Key Masters - Locksmith Company in Aurora, Colorado


Aurora Locksmith Services

Aurora Locksmith Key Masters is a full-service locksmith company that performs residential locksmith services, automotive locksmith services, and commercial locksmith services in Aurora Colorado. We are expert locksmiths with extensive knowledge of locks and keys! Whether you need help with key replacement or, improving your office security, or are locked out of your vehicle, our team of locksmiths can help. We are an Aurora-based locksmith company providing emergency locksmith services to our clients with help out with safety locks as well.

Aurora Locksmith Key Masters - Commercial locksmith services in Aurora, CO

Commercial Locksmith Services for Aurora Businesses

Aurora Locksmith Key Masters provides commercial locksmith services in Aurora Colorado. Our crew includes expert industrial locksmiths who know how to repair office locks, pick interior door locks, and open locks when you lose your office keys. We understand how valuable corporate property in Aurora is. The security of your workplace should not be compromised as this could lead to theft or destruction of critical documents and files. Our mobile locksmith services are equipped with the latest locksmith tools and technology and licensed technicians. Our commercial locksmith solutions can help secure your office building from intruders and disgruntled ex-employees.

Automotive Locksmith Services for Cars Around Aurora

Aurora Locksmith Key Masters offers automotive locksmith services in Aurora Colorado. If you can’t find your keys or unable to get inside the car, let Aurora locksmiths be your choice. Our professional locksmith team can take care of a wide range of lock or key repair services in your automobile. Our superior auto locksmith technician team knows how to reprogram automobile key fobs, activate remote car keys, fix broken automotive keys, and replace chip transponder keys. We have experience working with many makes and models of cars in Aurora including Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Lexus, and Nissan.

Aurora Locksmith Key Masters - Automotive locksmith services in Aurora, CO
Aurora Locksmith Key Masters - Residential locksmith services in Aurora, CO

Residential Locksmith Services for Homes in Aurora

Aurora Locksmith Key Masters performs residential locksmith services in Aurora, Colorado. We undertake the rekeying of locks, help people during home lockouts, and make spare keys and whole-house master keys. We also provide security solutions like garage door locks, padlocks, and different types of home locks to keep you and your family safe. Whether it is changing simple home locks or complicated mansion security systems, our skilled technicians always perform a diligent job in understanding your requirements and completing the tasks to your satisfaction. Our residential locksmith team provides services to the zip codes of Aurora and its suburbs to maintain a safe and secure society by installing high-security locks and home security systems.


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What people say

" I got locked out of my car on a 20 degree day, so you can imagine how badly I needed to get back into my car! From the moment I called, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. They showed up within 15 minutes and unlocked the car super quickly. He was professional, efficient, and fairly priced."
- Maria Graham
"I locked myself outside of my car late in the evening after a long shift at work. This company arrived within 10 mins of calling them and unlocked my car in no time! The price was fair and the guy was kind! Thank you so much for coming to my rescue! "
- Rosa Peacock
" I needed to replace all the locks on my rental, they showed up asap, 20 or so minutes, technician was professional, highly recommended. "
- Ron Collins

Local Emergency Locksmiths Serving Aurora


You want a professional locksmith to ensure that you get it right. For this reason, a professional locksmith like Aurora Locksmith Key Masters brings experience and a wealth of knowledge regarding locks, keys, and security problems. Also, the professional locksmith is bonded, certified, and verified, by their state’s board.

Aurora Locksmith Key Masters offers commercial, residential, automotive, safe, and mobile locksmith services.

Yes, of course! In addition to our standard residential, auto, and commercial locksmith services, Aurora Locksmith Key Masters also functions as an emergency locksmith. With this in mind, we can unlock doors as well as replace keys and repair security hardware in case it’s urgent.

This depends on the particular lock as well as the locksmith, but rest assured that almost any lock can be opened by our skilled expert locksmiths at Aurora Locksmith Key Masters!

You can call Aurora Locksmith Key Masters at (720) 677 0377, email us at, or fill out the form on our contact us page.